Probe Library






AntiVirus probe

Checks the state of an AntiVirusApplication. This probe is written for Sophos and Mcafee but it can freely be altered to use it for other applications.


Author: DSE

Backuplog probe
(external script 1)

Script that checks backup logs for specified text and reports a choosen status.

- example for appending log (ARCserve/BrightStore)

Add on

Backuplog probe
(external script 2)

- example for daily logfiles (ARCServe) Add on
Backup probe Integrated Backup probe for monitoring backup jobs from Arcserve and Backup Exec.
Tested for AS: 11.x & 12.0 and BE: 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, 12.0 and 12.5.

Integrated in EPO Elements

Check-it probe

Contains sensors for temperature, relative humidity, voltage, leakage detection and door contacts. Also contains a unique  e-Nose sensor, which enables the Check-it probe to 'smell' (for instance the scent of "burning" (singeing) electronics)

Integrated in EPO Elements
(additional hardware required)

Citrix logreader Retrieves citrix states. See the readme.txt for more information. Add on
Command benchmark probe This probe measures the time it takes for the specified command to complete. Add on

CPU probe

Checks CPU-usage.

Integrated in EPO Elements

Disk probe

Checks disk-usage of all disks/partitions.

Integrated in EPO Elements

Eventlog probe

Retrieves windows events. Events can be filtered.

Integrated in EPO Elements

Excel Probe Retrieves Excel values. Very useful for managers because it adds history to your key performance indicators. Add on

External probe

(open interface)

Universal easy open interface to scripts (DOS, SQL, Perl, etc.). Refer to the example agents in the example directory for usage.

Integrated in EPO Elements

File Age probe Checks if a file's modified date is within a specified period. Useful for monitoring file interfaces, uploads, ... Add on

File Count

An example probe written in DOS commands.

Checks for the number of files in a specified directory and calculates the difference between successive checks. Usefull for monitoring file interfaces, export- or logdirectories.

Add on

File Exist A very simple dos example for testing the existance of a file and use the information in the EPO Elements monitor framework. Add on
File Size An example probe written in Visual Basic (vbs). Retrieves the file size (Bytes, KBytes or Mbytes). Usefull for monitoring excessive growth of specific files or insufficient exports. Add on
HP Insight Manager probe An example probe applicable or the HP Insight Manager information (htpps://:2381) (version v1, v2 & v3) written in IEUnit script (IeUnit is a simple framework to test and retrieve logical information from web pages) Add on

ICMP (ping) probe

Checks the availability of IP-objects.

Integrated in EPO Elements

Linux/Unix probes Use our open source EPO Extensions for retrieving information from Linux/Unix based systems  Open source
Log Probe VB script that can be used for checking logfiles. Add on

Memory probe

Checks memory-usage.

Integrated in EPO Elements

Novell Virtual Login User Automated login to Novell with test user

Add on
Author: Joost Salman (London)

Oracle Table Space probe Retrieves Oracle table space information.

Add on
Author: Aris Selalidis (2e2)

Port test probe Tests if there is a reaction on a specified port Add on

Process probe

Checks running processes.
Default none specified.

Integrated in EPO Elements

Service probe

Checks the services (by default all services that start automatically)

Integrated in EPO Elements

Taskscheduler probe

Checks the running of tasks in the Windows Task Scheduler.

Integrated in EPO Elements

SNMP Bandwidth probe

Checks the network bandwidth use of routers, switches and computers.

Integrated in EPO Elements

SNMP Generic probe

Checks universal objectid’s of SNMP enabled objects (examples: the uptime of a UPS, the number of printed pages on a printer, the available diskspace of a mounted volume on a UNIX-computer, …).
You can use a snmpbrowser or a snmputility to search for relevant objectid's.

Integrated in EPO Elements

SNMP sysinfo probe

Retrieves the systeminformation of a SNMP enabled object.

Integrated in EPO Elements

SQL Statistical information Retrieves statistical information from Microsoft SQL Server like sent packages, used cpu time, used IO time, ... Add on
SQL database availability Checks if Microsoft SQL databases are available, it returns the status per database. See EPO script example directory on your local EPO Server
Virtual Copy User Copies a generated file (size can be specified) to a specified directory. The output is the time it takes to copy the file. Add on
Virtual Microsoft Logon User Checks the logon availability by connecting a specified user to a specified computer. Example is written in DOS commands. Add on

Virtual web user
(Web probe)

Checks the availability of websites, the performance of the results and the deliverables of the backoffice applications.
Can also be used to simulate user actions on webpages (for instance: logging on, retrieving information, etc.) - as a result the availability and performance of webservices can be monitored.
See this download for implementing a live example of a Virtual WebUser.

Integrated in EPO Elements

Windows performance counter probe With this probe the original windows performance counters can be used for Business monitoring purposes.

Integrated in EPO Elements



The EPO Addon probes are provided as much as possible in a suitable scriptingformat. With this open source view we hope to encourage you to make you're own probes. As a result we hope that in return you will upload the results of your own creativity. You will experience that the EPO-community not only is interested in using these new probes but also that where possible/applicable these new probes will be adapted to be even more powerfull or more effective.

If you have questions about making your own probes don't hesitate to join the forum with your questions!


Backuplog. This probe is written in Visual Basic script. It can be used whitout modifications to the code for monitoring backuplogs and report the text you want to see. This backuplogprobe will read the actual backuplog (plain ASCII or HTML) and report to EPO the text that you specify in the configuration of the probe (refer to the readme.txt for how to use the script). You can also specify the EPO-state of the test (normal, warning or critical) depending on the interpretation of the text that was found in the backuplog. This probe can also be used if the backuplog is retrieved as an HTML-page.
The code can also be used as an example on how to write your own probes.

File Age. This probe is written in Visual Basic script. It can be used whitout modifications to the code for checking if a file is older then a specified period. You can use this probe for functional testing if a file is renewed. By example: testing if a exportfile is actually refreshed. This in stead of only checking the existance of the technical process (or job) that should supply this exportfile.

Number of Files. This probe is written in DOS-commands. It can be used to monitor the number of files in a specified directory. For example if you want to be notified if an application dumps too many (error)files. You can also adapt this script to monitor similar situations.

SQL Server Statistical information. This probe is written in DOS and SQL-commands. It can be used to retrieve performance information from databases. The example retrieves the sent packets from SQL Server. It is an performance variable indicating the the number of output packets written to the network by SQL Server. It can easely be alltered to retrieve other global values from Microsoft SQL Server like @@PACK_RECEIVE, @@CPU_BUSY, @@IO_BUSY. See the microsoft SQL Server documentation for more values and information.

SQL Server Database Avalability. These probes are written in SQL-commands. They can be used (even without altering) to retrieve information from SQL Server about the status of the databases. The example probes are installed/copied during the installation in the directory ...\The Early Warning Company\EPO\Script Examples.
File: MSSQL.DatabaseAvailablityCheck.sql           - checks result of all databases and reports in EPO to one overall state (=datakey).
File: MSSQL.DatabaseAvailablityCheckPerDB.sql   - checks result of all databases and reports in EPO to individual states
File: MSSQL.DatabasesAvailabilityReport.sql        - checks result of all databases and reports in EPO to a textual summary

SQL Server database value. This example retrieves a specific recordcount from a specified database tabel. This example can easely be adapted to use it to retrieve actual selling figures, number of incidents or last update time in the database.
File: MSSQL.NumberofRecords.sql.

*** TIPS ***

  • If you want to find script examples for various topics, take a look in the Script Repository of Microsoft Technet or on the ActiveXperts-page.
  • An other fine place to look is the "Hey, Scripting Guy!"-page on the Microsoft Scripting Center, where common scripting questions are discussed and explained.
  • NB Don't forget to use the '//x'-parameter  if you want to trace (requirement: MS Studio) Visual Basic scripts! (ie: cscript.exe vbscript.vbs param1 param2 //x)