for 5.4
Escalation email fix Email escalations are sent as plain text, this should be html.

for 5.3
Process probe fix Propagation and thresholds don't work

For 5.x
Report Device - Missing D-drive Use this fix for device reports to show also the D-drive in the report (will be standard in EPO 5.2 - build 2458)

Only for 5.1
Windows 2008 Eventlog Fix Use this fix for the EPO Eventlog probe to hook on to the changed Windows Eventlog (will be standard in EPO 5.2 )

Report Device -  Missing

Only for 5.0
CustomerCare patch if the reports "Export items (on a registration list)" and "Memo (on a indivisual registration)" result into an error message (report.erf not found)
64bits CPU probe patch: if the cpu probe wont work on a 64 bits operating system.

Only for 4.4
Pipeline in datafield patch: if the datafield of a external probe contains a pipeline epo doens't "understand" the data and the and the epo user client wil give an error showing that datafield.
Activities all with same date time: start and end date of all activities from a CustomerCare Helpdesk registration have same fixed content "1-1-1970 12:44".

Only for 4.1 and lower
Regional settings patch for external probe: decimale separators where sometimes misinterpreteded which resulted in very large numbers imported into EPO.




Download here te latest version of EPO Elements and the latest version of the EPO handbook (english).
Important: update all computers (server, probes and clients) to the same version for the best result!
Look here for the basic steps concerning the automated upgrade process.

- the Quick Reference Guide (dutch) with 4 samples.


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