Implemented Roadmap

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Release EPO Elements 5.4

New Features

  • Pinnable devices in configuration editor
  • Email2EPO probe; extra text can be added for displaying in the EPO client or process escalation
  • Flexprobe2 devices now use a calibration file for humidity/temperature/current sensor calibration
  • Client login no longer possible with a user client version that doesn't match the server version
  • Web service probe for monitoring webservices (SOAP/WSDL etc..)
  • Status update delay property for nodes in the tree to prevent notifications when very short status changes happen
  • email escalation subject now completely customizable
  • Business views; property added for rounding numbers
  • SNMP bandwidth probe; filter added based on percentage and absolute numbers
  • new flexprobe 2 sensors: scorching and CO2
  • Setup with custom files (EPO database and some more)
  • Automatic discovery of flexprobe2 devices
  • Maintenance windows interface; hide auto-generated maintenance windows
  • Nodes can be linked to one another to allow for a leading(master) node that when changed will also change all followers
  • Business views can be automatically saved as an image to disk and a postscript can be executed
  • Email escalations; a prefix can be added to an escalation email body.
  • Datakeys that are not present in the tree but are gathered can be displayed from the commandline (EPOMsgCmd extension)
  • Client auto restart after a connection loss.
Bug fixes / Changes
  • Webprobe; better error message in the client
  • Webprobe; some fields have changed to password fields
  • license manager; EPO can only be activated on 1 machine (down from 2)
  • Processprobe; thresholds and propagation now work
  • SLA reports now give the correct output for both square and contiuous modes
  • Fixed a bug that would always open the same (already opened) probe editor when the probe editor button on a device in the configuration editor was clicked
  • Email escalation; when the for sms service property is enabled, the length of the email is limited to 160 characters
  • Timeout in Email2EPO probe
  • Some name changes in the process probe
  • Process probe nodes now show a SLA timeline and the graph y-axis has a name
  • Fixed a bug when "edit this probe now" is clicked a null reference was thrown when no device is known.
  • Some probes weren't showing as numbers in a business view
  • Service probe sends a warning when no services are enabled
  • Epoint cost of Flexprobe2 devices is now 1 Epoint
  • Numbers in the SLA time line now show up to 3 significant digits
  • Serviceprobe; fixed a bug that sometimes made the probe return unknown for al services
  • Logging to the EPO eventlog is now turned off by default
  • Flexprobe 2 data is now viewable in 3 ways in the toolbox
  • Notifications; fixed a bug with certain special characters in the tree path
  • Eventlogprobe; Changing the order of the filter rules wasn't saved
  • Serviceprobe; Fixed a bug that would filter data after an error occurred
  • Ping properties weren't used at all or incorrectly.
  • It is now possible to click "execute process now" and "edit this node" with nodes of the SNMP bandwidth probe
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes all maintenance windows where removed temporarily when adding/removing a maintenance window.
  • Externalprobes can now filter numbers
  • Eventlogprobe now has a flood prevention mechanism to prevent excessive amount of eventlog messages from slowing down EPO
  • Fixed a bug that made the service window editor use too much CPU
  • Business view Epoint cost is now 10 plus 1 per 5 nodes in stead of 10 plus 1 per node
  • Completely changed the VMware probe. It will now use the vSphere webservice API and no longer uses ESXTop
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes scale a graph incorrectly when a note icon is visible
  • The default properties of a newly added node to a business view are now copied from the previous added node.
  • Slightly changed the way selecting nodes in the business tree works
  • External nodes; numbers are now parsed using the local settings and are no longer fixed.
  • Some node that weren't previously able to be dragged into a business view, are now. (subnodes of process nodes / memory nodes)
  • Processprobe now handles very fast process creation/deletion better.
  • Externalprobe; [Text][/Text] blocks are now shown on different lines instead of one long text
  • Flexprobe; temperature sensors now display temperatures below 0 Celcius
  • SNMP Generic probe; The units property is now displayed on the y-axis of the graph
  • Right clicking in the business tree no longer executes the default context menu action
  • Added a warning when users are viewing a maintenance window with nodes from a tree they don't have access to.
   Apr 2011